Below are just a handful of the types of operation and warfare tactics the Marine Special Operations Company will employ in the field.

[SR] Special Reconnaissance

Small units of highly trained Special Forces Operators operating deep behind enemy lines, gathering mission critical intelligence. Special Recon. is vital to every operation the Marine Raider Battalion undertakes.

[UW] Unconventional Warfare

Also known as guerrilla warfare, UW uses non-standard, often covert and clandestine tactics and techniques – such as sabotage and subversion – to hinder the enemy politically, economically and militarily.

[CO-IN] Counter Insurgency Operations

COIN aims to stabilize, protect and strengthen the legitimacy, of the current government incumbents. This may include attacks on the root causes of insurgency as well as psychological operations.

[DA] Direct Action Operations

Making up the bulk of our operations, direct action ops are small scale offensive operations, usually in politically charged, hostile environments, employing varied specialist military techniques.

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About MSOC

How we came into being and what we're about now

Marine Special Operations Company Alpha - MSOC-A - is an Arma 3 Military Simulation unit born from the senior command of the 16th Marine Expeditionary Unit; with a desire to meet the highest of standards, the idea of a MARSOC unit was brought to life.

During a meeting between the Company and Battalion Command elements of 16th MEU, a decision was made that, although they had well over 200 members and were the fastest growing unit in the ArmA community, they weren't enjoying the style of gameplay, nor were they enjoying the company of the people they were playing with. Something had to change.

Not wanting to waste any more time, LtCol A. James and his senior staff decided to thank the membership for their efforts in the unit, and closed the doors on the 16th MEU. However, a few good players and, more importantly, good people were kept on and given one directive: be elite, be exclusive. What remained of the unit was dismantled and, from the rubble, the Marine Special Operations Company was born and given that same directive: Be elite. Be exclusive.


The leadership team of the Marine Special Operations Company
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Major A. James

Company Commander
With significant ‘real world’ leadership experience, as well as ArmA leadership – including building and organising units with hundreds of members – Maj A. James has the experience and necessary skills to lead Marine Special Operations Company, on the battlefield and off of it.
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Captain E. Fernandez

Executive Officer
Starting from the bottom with Major James, Captain Eddie ‘Fern’ Fernandez is the the most trusted adviser to the commanding officer. He is fiercely loyal to the Major and to Company Alpha.
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1stSgt C. Roach

Company First Sergeant
With vast experience of leadership in the ArmA community, 1stSgt C. Roach has developed the highest possible standards and expects nothing less from those below him, and from those above him. No compromise.
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SgtMaj B. Bannerman

Battalion Advisor
A fierce Texan, SgtMaj B. Bannerman pulls no punches when it come to defending the enlisted to Company Command, nor disciplining the enlisted on their behalf. The Sergeant Major is a vital part of the operation of Marine Special Operations Company Alpha. His bite is considerably worse than his bark.